Travel Planning New York City

I’ve been to New York City – for one day and we stayed in New Jersey.  I was 16, looked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYU and had lunch as a parade went through. So, my next trip is in a few weeks, and it’s time to do some more research!  I try not to over plan – I like to be open to seeing what I see, but I also want to know what is around, so I have plenty to choose from and don’t spend all my time in a place reading the guidebook!  So here’s a peek into my travel plans for a 1 week New York City business trip.

Initial Reservation info:

  • Flights: Saved a few hundred bucks by making one of the flights out of Newark, at a cost of an hour or so additional commute. Otherwise standard.
  • Conference: Standard work thing
  • Hotel – Required some research because of NYC’s famously expensive hotel rates, particularly close to the holiday.  With help from TimeOut New York I found “Ye Olde Carlton Arms” aka “Artbreak Hotel”.  I wanted cheap and I wanted safe and I wanted individual. This is in the neighborhood Kips Bay (yeah, I’d never heard of it either) which is apparently fairly residential, not too far from a subway station, and cheap.  The reservations are old-fashioned – you email them, then email them again a month in advance to double check it.
  • The Book of Mormon – there is really only one Broadway, and I’ve heard a lot of raves about this show.  Yes, they tour, but it sells out instantly in SF and I just wanted to make sure I see it, alright?

1 to 2 weeks to take-off:

  • Get a guidebook – I like Lonely Planet generally, and I have found that I much prefer the electronic version of travel guides.  I can access it on my phone if I am pruning down to a pocketful of things, and it nicely links to websites or whatever for reservations. So I grabbed New York City Guide (Travel Guide)
  • Look for special events, date-specific stuff, friends in town, friends recommendations – I did this through checking out the village voice, new yorker, Fathom and a Facebook post
  • dig out appropriate suitcase
  • dig out anything I need to get cleaned or repaired, NYC is supposedly fancy compared to California
  • research what fashion/fancy means in context of where I want to go
  • Do Not Shop! (If I am going to shop for this trip, I’ll do it in NYC!) This is something to keep reminding myself..

1 week to take-off:

  • Checkout lineup at The Comedy Cellar, other venues that only post last minute
  • print flight info, hotel confirmation, Book of Mormon confirmation
  • research & install any apps, ebooks, music, etc
  • check 10 day weather, adjust packing applicably
  • begin reading guidebook

Final few days

  • Get purse together – I’ll only have one, it needs to fit everything I want and fit the plans I have, but on the flight I’ll use a carry on and have this in the suitcase
  • Get carry-on together, this is also a business trip so this will be what I’m carrying to the conference as well
  • find business cards, put some in wallet, some aside in messenger bag
  • make sure luggage tags are up to date with my current email, address & phone number
  • check-in for flight
  • find camera, charger, spare batteries, make sure everything is charged and ready to go

Last minute

  • keep count – messenger bag, suit case,
  • document check – id, flight confirmation, hotel reservation info, located next to book in messenger bag
  • chargers
  • wallet, phone, keys?
  • check flight status, and off I go!

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