Manhattan Beer Bar Crawl

On a recent trip to Manhattan, I found some tasty beers.  Beers at varied styles of bars.  Here’s the bar crawl I’d recommend for finding tasty bars in lower Manhattan.

Manhattan Beer Bar Crawl

I’m arbitrarily going to start you off near Central Park, assuming that’s your daytime activity.

Pony – California invades NYC! Busy early on a Tuesday night, this crowd made me feel at home, talking tech in slightly upgraded hoodies and. So did the beers – lots of hoppy IPA’s, Californian favorites and some seasonals.  Favorite beer of my visit: Pumpkin Pie by Chelsea Brewing.   (They had other better beer, but I didn’t try them since I could get them at home.)

The Ginger Man – Irish bar style with a way better choice of beer than an Irish bar. I got in some trouble here.  Pretty touristy based on my sample as everyone who was there was from out of town. I’m a sucker for a flight of sours, and I did get one. Favorite Beer of my visit: Goudenband by Liefmans.

Taproom No. 307 – didn’t like the crowd but loved the beer.  The Nougat, man. This place was full of loud suited up bankers ordering Stella, hockey games and just, wo, we’re not in San Francisco anymore.  They had 2 five-star beers here, and the overall beer quality seemed awesome however so I stayed awhile.  Favorite Beer of my visit: Bourganel au Nougat by Bourganel Brasserie

Krampus at Upright Brewhouse
Krampus at Upright Brewhouse

Upright Brew House – No, this isn’t the Portland Brewery that makes the delicious sours. This is a loungey beer bar that perfects the place to chat, meet girlfriends before dinner, and drink a nice selection of tasty beer. It’s pretty, the bartenders are friendly, knowledgable and were happy to give me recommendations on not just their beer, but other beer spots to hit up in NYC.  Favorite beer of my visit: Krampus by Southern Tier

Blind Tiger – Dive in Greenwich Village.  Good food, wooden decor that made me feel instantly more comfortable, I got some late night eats to help my morning. Again a lot of Californian hops on tap, but I managed to find a few others which I unfortunately ran out of battery before I could record.  Favorite (recorded) Beer of my visit: Shoals Pale Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company.

Runner Up:

The House of Brews –  I stumbled on this place accidentally. Sports, locals, a big beer list, a slightly surly bar staff, but they gave good beer recommendations.  This is not very far from Pony if you feel like doing an add-on.  Favorite Beer of the visit: Sweet Action by Sixpoint Brewery.

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