Forest outside McCall, Idaho

I’m once again on the tailgate writing this on my phone. I was hanging peacefully in my hammock when the occasional rain drop began to hit me.  I waited a while, but thunder grew louder in the distance. So I took down the hammock, put the rainfly on the tent, moved stuff under cover.. and the storm has been sitting slightly to my northwest looking fierce for 45 minutes.
I’ll have to rush away if the rain really gets here, I’m currently taking advantage of the truck bed electrical outlet to charge my phone and laptop. I’m also testing out a new to me tent – we’ll see its rain proof quality if the storm hits. At this point I’ll be disappointed if the rain doesn’t arrive.

The whole aspen quaking thing, by the way? It’s true. They make a very distinct sound in the forest. Ooh, this reminds me of a song I only know from Rock Band: . No oaks here though.

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