Boise, Idaho


Beer, potato dishes, and hot summer days.  Postmodern Brewers will start the review because well I’m here by myself and this is a tasty experience. Sal-tot-dos (orange glazed tater tots with pork and delicious) and a flight of 6 beers including hard root and hard ginger beer are pictured. It’s 5 PM on a Thursday and I’ve been sitting on their patio by myself for awhile, getting the happy hour special.  I get the feeling they’re new? Also they’re quite close to the university so probably busier during school year.

Boise is a dry heat – shade makes a huge difference.  Very bikable, moderate walkable, but nice dense downtown for drinking and walking. A bunch of breweries and the standout Bittercreek Alehouse make it a great beer town.

Postmodern Brewers was good but my faves there were the hard ginger ale and hard root beer. Boise Brewery was friendly and more my stereotype of a brewery bar, and had good beer, although as it was my last stop, hard to fairly judge. 10 Barrel was meh, corporate feeling and the bartender couldn’t give me good advice on which beer to try first. Lots of athletic well dressed(for an outdoorsy town) customers. I loved Bitterroot, which had friendly knowledgeable bartenders, good food, friendly patrons and a great atmosphere. Oh and competitive with anywhere taplist. I had to struggle not to just stay there the whole time I was in Boise.

The Boise Bike Project also seemed very cool, although as an educational program they don’t fix bikes unless you help/learn. Quite frustrating for me after I walked my bike with 2 flats for half an hour to get there and just wanted a beer while I paid someone to fix it.(I can change a flat usually, but my tires are super stiff and my thumb strength weak, so these tires are a pain in the ass to get back on after replacing a tube). They also said bikes left in front of the shop overnight are considered donations, which I felt was a bit shady.

Ooh also another bar I kind of want: Spacebar Arcade. 6 old pinball machines and a selection of other classic arcade machines, as well as classic systems connected to a big screen from the seating area. A good selection of local micro brews and interesting events.  Upstairs there is a restaurant with Indian and Sushi I think? Something to combine and take the rest of my money.

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