Sego Canyon – Thompson Spring, Utah

Pictographs are etched in the cliffs behind and next to me. A sunset has peacefully spun through the rainbow, framed by a U of red Utah cliffs. A distant mesa forms a flat bottom, barely hinting at its more detailed beauty.  Moab is that way, so is Colorado.


Interspersed among the pictographs and historic Ute art vandals have scrawled new names and graffiti. The nearness is the main reason I object – there are miles of blank walls in these canyons and you must nearly obscure and definitely impact the existing art?  Well and that just writing your name is lame. If you’re going to be monumental be admirable too.


I’m sitting on my tailgate. My back’s against the cooler, my bare feet dangle over gravel. A citronella candle burns next to me and a beer on the other side.  Buffy sits in her dog bed water dish and food bowl beside her. I’m writing this in the twilight to dark on my phone with no service(also using Twilight App to minimize night blindness and sleep cycle disruption).


I’ve just taken a sunset dinner break which has gone too long. I painted and photographed and got nerdy with my laptop. Buffy and I did a brief walk and practiced some tricks.

No camping allowed here and it’s getting quite dark for finding a wilderness campsite. Luckily I saw several small BLM roads nearby and I’m equipped to sleep in the back of the truck.

Now I’ll wait for the moon to come out- here’s hoping it’s not a moonless night- and head down this nearby BLM dirt road to the first legal pull out. Then I’ll sleep.

The night has gotten darker and brief flashing lightning has come closer brighter. Thunder rumbles. I’m camping here after all. I passed through sudden fierce storms earlier on the highway. It makes the chance of accidentally parking in a wash too risky. A cool wind blows from the West bringing gusts and the premonition of storms.

A link to the Sego Canyon BLM site if you want to visit yourself.

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