My apartment complex lies on a busy street but is itself partially wooded. I currently sit in an Adirondack chair among oak trees.  A bird loudly flapped to a new position, the crickets and loud unidentified chirping in the trees is sometimes drowned out by the cars. But the sounds between the cars are beautiful. A steady rhythmic background, frogs maybe? further afield from the insects in my trees.

There’s an out of business restaurant next door. I hear an occasional rustling and wonder: homeless human or coyote? I think a security guard for the restaurant would scare off the human, but there’s better spots for a coyote.

How hard would it be to have a traveling homeless shelter? I think NIMBYs would be a problem. Spirit Store business model, but the product is a shower, haircut, job/benefits assistance, medical care and housing assistance. Cycle through neighborhoods, cities, counties…

Idaho Hailstorm

I’m sitting in my tent in a hailstorm in Idaho in Targhee National Forest.  The thunder has quieted, it was a roaring coughing rumble all morning. Ice litters the ground around me – the hailstorm is melting off in the heavy rain. On the good side the flies and bees, which previously plagued this campsite, are gone. A few things are getting wet but I think it’s all stuff that can get wet.

I wonder how long the rain will last? I would prefer not to pack up in the rain or mud so I’m staying another night. It’s gotten quite chilly as well. Luckily I am way equipped for that.

This site has been great, except no cell reception. There are meadows of wildflowers and great pine forests. The Camas Prarie below. Gorgeous. I haven’t seen much wildlife – mostly little things, insects, chipmunks, squirrels, harrier hawk, hummingbird, rabbit, but I keep thinking I hear some. It’s amazing how loud everything seems without much background noise. Natural noises of fabric moving and of rain on different surfaces. Part of me wants to sit and just learn the pattern of noise around me. Another part says: “Great background sound for reading”. On that note, I’m off to a book.


Ps Buffy hates this so much.

No-Bake Holly Cookies Recipe – Recipe Review

corn flakes are mixed into the marshmallow butter green goo
corn flakes are mixed into the marshmallow butter green goo

These were a favorite as a kid. Easy recipe even an 8 year old’s clumsiness never ruined.  I’ll make them again for Christmas this year – and maybe with my little cousins too!   They’re sort of like rice krispy treats.  I’m weak and can’t handle the Red Hots, so I’ll probably substitute some other red candy – maybe red M&M’s?  I’ll update with pictures after I make them for the Holiday Cookie Exchange.    Unfortunately the finished, although beautiful, were the victim of shaky camera work.  I used red sour candy balls as the candy and the generic corn flakes from the grocery store.

ingredients for delicious cookies

No-Bake Holly Cookies Recipe – Kraft Recipes.