Reserva Natural Atitlan, near Panajachel, Guatemala

So I went to the nature reserve today. Amazing! Spider Monkeys, coatis, views, flowers, waterfalls. I did the zip lines which was great. Reserva Natural Atitlan. Also I did some little gymnastic walking across a tightrope, swinging stairs, that kind of thing which was so much harder than it looked! I was exhausted when I finished. Tomorrow I´m going to head to either San Pedro de Laguna or Santiago. I don´t particularly care which, since I intend to go to the other one afterwards.
It was an overall amazing experience. Watching wild monkeys swing from trees & coatis scramble under them. Walking under coffee & banana trees, through a jungle canopy. Suspension bridges in front of waterfalls and views of volcanos…. not to mention the amazing fun of the zip lines. I am really glad I did it.