My apartment complex lies on a busy street but is itself partially wooded. I currently sit in an Adirondack chair among oak trees.  A bird loudly flapped to a new position, the crickets and loud unidentified chirping in the trees is sometimes drowned out by the cars. But the sounds between the cars are beautiful. A steady rhythmic background, frogs maybe? further afield from the insects in my trees.

There’s an out of business restaurant next door. I hear an occasional rustling and wonder: homeless human or coyote? I think a security guard for the restaurant would scare off the human, but there’s better spots for a coyote.

How hard would it be to have a traveling homeless shelter? I think NIMBYs would be a problem. Spirit Store business model, but the product is a shower, haircut, job/benefits assistance, medical care and housing assistance. Cycle through neighborhoods, cities, counties…