Texas Hill Country Wildflowers

small dog in the bluebells in the texas hill country
Buffy in the Bluebells at Lake Buchanan, Texas Hill Country


So Easter weekend was spent in the Texas Hill Country.  I cruised around the small Texas town of Llano, a cute place with just what you need and not a lot more – one coffee shop, one bakery, two restaurants, a few shops and for some reason a whole bunch of banks.  One of those shops in Llano was the very cute “A Rosy Outlook”, which among many cute things not captured in their Etsy store had a bangle and necklace bar where you could assemble charms and stones and different types of metal linking for the stones and easily assemble your own cute bling necklace.  Llano was celebrating their annual Fiddle Fest on the same weekend and I was luckily able to hear some of the practice sessions while sipping an excellent coffee at Fuel Coffee House – a mixed use coffee shop, music venue, and community meeting spot.  In the few hours I lingered I think I saw about 3 different groups meet to organize something or other – a food for seniors program, something involving architectural plans, and I’m not sure on the other one.  They were also a non-profit themselves, raising money for a church. I wouldn’t do a church as my charity, but the overall coffeehouse was inspirational.  If I have a coffee shop, I want it to have a stage, a cause and a community….

I then headed over to the Black Rock Campground on Lake Buchanan.  This was run by the Lower Colorado River Authority and treated me excellently. The lake was quite low which led to even larger fields of bluebells as they took over the available space usually below the waterline. The campground itself had all the basics, picnic tables, firepits, bbq stands, and places to set up a tent as well as well maintained bathrooms and showers. The hosts were friendly and sold me both ice and wood, always a nice convenience. Lake Buchanan still had plenty of boaters and fishermen although some rough weather sent the timid home and left more space for me.  I expect that without reservations I would have been out of luck if the weather had been as beautiful as the landscape.

There were fields of wildflowers throughout the hill country, mostly the bluebells pictured above(which I know as lupine at home in California) and the little pink grassy ones I’m completely unfamiliar with.  People were very emphatic – the bluebells of Texas are a _thing_ apparently.  One of the many things they take pride in.

lonely road with wildflowers and dawn
dawn over the highway in the Texas Hill Country