Arcadia Backpackers Hostel review, Kampot, Cambodia

Arcadia is a beautiful riverside guesthouse on the Kampot River in Cambodia.  I accidentally spent 5 days there in July, the river was just that beautiful.  They’ll drop you off up river for some short but intense inner tubing.   There’s a rope swing, a great place to jump in the river out of the bar, a blob, several dorms and several private rooms.  A bit out of town people called & split a tuk-tuk for evenings out.  The river was cleaner due to being upstream of town, so I’ll take that trade.  They had good wifi, good food, and generally had a nice vibe for taking some time off.

The kayaks were unfortunately broken, but hopefully they’ll be back up and running by the time you visit.image

Vietnam’s Euro Beachtown, Nha Trang

Nha Trang Bay

Nha Trang is a beach town on the Vietnamese Coast.  It’s got a significant traveller presence, with many to most restaurants providing menus in English and Russian. Big draws include lounging on the beach, scuba diving, and loud house clubbing.  The beach has many reclining chairs available for rent as well as being lined with bars, massage spots, showers and even pools available. Access to a pool can be rented with a lounging chair or there are pools available at several of the nearby bars.  There is active development of additional beach draws as well. Very child friendly with inflatable toys, a nearby amusement park and familiar food whereever you are from. imageThere are a lot of tall hotels, resorts and such.  I’m stay at a backpacker hostel for $5 a night, but other hotels range up to several hundred dollars per night. Loud music reverberates through the streets and on the beach, and the party scene goes until late.

I dove with Rainbow Divers, a well organized outfit with good quality equipment, and had a great few dives.  I also met some fun people and ended up having a great time with them.

corals of Nha Trang,courtesy Catalina Be
corals of Nha Trang, photo courtesy Catalina Be